'Error and correction' Part 01- ‘Kambavarithy’ Ilangai Jayaraj

Error and correction - ‘Kambavarithy’ Ilangai Jayaraj
The Dinamani, Daily Newspaper in Tamil
Translated by Dr.K.Sangeetha, P.hd, Asst. Prof of English
Sri Sarada College for Women, Salem.


Part: 1 (Published on 5.5.2020)                                

The whole world is in great tremor. It is really amusing that the reason for this great tremor is a small virus. The powerful nations of the world who took pride in piling up atom bomb, hydrogen bomb, atomic missile, nuclear power submarine and similar destructive weapons excelling another are now rendered helpless by an invisible virus. Those who boosted proudly that they could destroy the world in a second are now fully confused and panic stricken since even after many months they are unable to destroy a small disastrous virus. A very small virus has threatened and controlled all human beings, and locked them down in their own houses.

Our ancestors who preached restraint and austerity were branded as conventionalists by the so-called modern progressive thinkers. But now they have become speechless and breathless. Nature has now taken in its hand the whip called ‘Corona Virus’ to punish all those who committed atrocities.

Regarding the source of this fatal disease the names of many powerful countries starting with China have been enlisted. The virus might have come from any country and in any way. But the truth is that this virus has been created by nature’s superior power. Regarding this our own Tamil scholars had already recorded clear details long back. In any part of the world other than in Tamil Nadu, will there ever be a group of learned men who take pleasure in calling their own ancestors idiots? Don’t know. What to do! It is the errors of our fate.

What is the connection between today’s critical condition and Tamil? A person who has resided in a place for a long time acquires knowledge about that place sharpened through experience. Knowledge through experience is difficult to be taught and gained. A specialty of Tamilian is that Tamil is a long-lived race in this world. On account of this long heritage our ancestors knew well the subtleties of Nature.

They did not set aside Nature’s significance like the present day proud scientific world. Even though they had powers to destroy they suppressed those powers to destroy, they suppressed those powers and worked for the progress of mankind.

When Ravana abducted Sita, Rama became furious and shouted that he would destroy the entire world. At that time, Jatayu, who was on the verge of death remonstrates Rama and tells him that he has no right to destroy the world for his selfish reasons. This scene from Kamba Ramayan is an example of our ancestors’ sense of responsibility towards the society.

Nature has many interlinked sections in it and Manu is one among them. Knowing this truth, our ancestors guided posterity to move towards progress without disturbing the equanimity of Nature. In the world history some newly born rich countries, who do not have sufficient experience with Nature try to march towards victory without bothering about Nature’s equanimity. Today’s massive attack of the universe by Corona Virus is the result of their attitude.

Today the world has been crushed to pieces due to their competition in polluting nature to satisfy their greed for power and financial development. They have destroyed the equanimity of Nature to indulge in excessive lavishness and luxury which in turn has affected Mankind.

For the sake of convenience they kept one vehicle for the town, which later changed into one vehicle per house and further became one vehicle per person. More machinery was put to use and thereby the air was polluted. They polluted the water bodies through wastage from factories. To save physical labour and to get more returns, they used chemical fertilizers. Also, they used non-biodegradable plastic which polluted the soil.

Today, vying with one another they are sending spaceships through rockets thereby polluting the space also with their wastage. Fire alone due to its innate nature of burning away all dirt has managed to remain unpolluted.

God has created Nature in this world for the benefit of all living creatures. But man claims nature as his right and misuses it for selfish reasons. Nature had been tolerating these atrocities patiently. But unable to with stand anymore, Nature has burst out and that is what we see as Corona virus pandemic.

(To be continued)

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