'Error and correction' Part 02- ‘Kambavarithy’ Ilangai Jayaraj

Error and correction - ‘Kambavarithy’ Ilangai Jayaraj
The Dinamani, Daily Newspaper in Tamil
Translated by Dr.K.Sangeetha, P.hd, Asst. Prof of English
Sri Sarada College for Women, Salem.

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Part: 2 (Published on 6.5.2020)                 

Those who call themselves rationalists, in the name of novelty and initiate the world with their little learning are posing a question as to whether the irrational nature will ever perform an opposite reaction. It is my duty to answer their question.

Time is a part of nature everyone knows that the medium of by gone days is a senseless corpse. But even this medium of olden days is directing many events in the world. Nobody can refute that the mysterious feat of time responsible for the showers in the raining season, the heat in summer, the formation of flower into fruit, the change of sour fruit ripening into sweet fruit, the boy growing up to become youth and the youth becoming an old one.

A question might rise, “How can the dead pastime perform action?” On thinking deeply, the answer comes automatically. We see clearly that a lifeless, dead spade (Pick-axe) is used for tilling, digging and cropping (trimming) the grass. How can that senseless tool perform the above mentioned tasks? Deep observation brings to light a truth. A senseless tool handled by a sensible person can do many things.

Seen in this light a great truth dawns, to activate the lifeless senseless Time and the five elements it is necessary to have in the background a great, wise animating power. This power was referred to as God by our ancestors. They were shocked on seeing this tremendous energy exhibited by the superior power that kept under its control the wide expanse of the Universe. Later they surrendered to the superior power.

Some people with little knowledge, seeing only the external inanimate world, unable to fathom deep and unaware of the animating driving force of the superior power tried to ignore the presence of the energising force that pervaded the universe like an ocean. They were like foxes attempting to measure the depth of the great ocean with their tails. The present confused state of affairs is the result of their ignorance.

If an inanimate lifeless tool performs many tasks, it necessarily needs a superior driving force to work at. People who boast proudly to be rationalists do not seem to know even this basic logic. This is a big joke.

Our Tamil ancestors who had lived on this planet for a very long time had through experience realised the truth that a superior power activates this universe using lifeless five elements and time. They know that Nature in this world was nothing but a manifestation defined by this superior power. Every object was allotted its natural which in turn became its intrinsic value.

That is why our Tamil poets have composed thousands of poems on ethics so that the succeeding generation will understand the need to live in harmony with nature as defined by the superior powers. People with little knowledge neither understood nor educated their fellow beings about the great truth expressed by the Tamil poets through their eternal compositions. The contemporary degeneration is caused by the atheists, who spread immorality and crush and spoil Nature.

Our very existence is a combination of soul and body. The invisible soul from within activates the visible body. If a person attacks another’s body, the pain is felt by the soul only. The soul that feels the pain uses the same body to return the attack. This is the plain truth.

Nature or Righteousness is god’s body. This great truth is explained by Parimelazhgar in “Aravazhi Anthanan” in his commentary on the Thirukkural.

One who is the embodiment of different types of righteousness calls himself ‘Aravaazhi anthanan’. We can see clearly the reason for today’s degeneration. Man for selfish reasons breaking god’s divine laws has started tightening against Nature-God’s external appearance. As a result today god has retaliated using Nature as his weapon. Where is man’s inferior knowledge? Where is God’s superior power? Those who called themselves great powers professing to rock the world have fled, unable to bear the slightest vibration (shock) from god.

Our forefathers showed tremendous interest in safeguarding righteousness because they had realised that the world of Nature created by god was righteousness. Ravana stands defeated in the first day’s battle. At this juncture Poet Kambar professes a great truth. The reason for Ravana’s defeat is not Rama’s valour but the dynamic power of Dharma.

Given as a separate Quote
[In the same scene, Rama tells Ravana that the secret of his victory is Righteousness. Our ancestors had deep faith in Righteousness.
Today driven by greed, man opposes god given nature and stumbles under the anger of Nature]

(To be continued)

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