'Error and correction' Part 03- ‘Kambavarithy’ Ilangai Jayaraj

Error and correction - ‘Kambavarithy’ Ilangai Jayaraj
The Dinamani, Daily Newspaper in Tamil
Translated by Dr.K.Sangeetha, P.hd, Asst. Prof of English
Sri Sarada College for Women, Salem
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Part: 3 (Published on 7.5.2020)
Can the Most Beneficent Lord punish the human beings of limited intelligence for their error, without even a warning?  
Here we need to know one truth clearly.  Unable to endure our transgressions, many kinds of warnings through nature were given to us. Cautions given by nature like the earthquake, wildfire, typhoon and seismic warnings were ignored by the descendants of Manu.  Scientists today are doing research about how to escape from the resulting devastation, rather than preventing the same.  They do not understand the facts of cause-effect sequence that, once the cause is removed, the effect will automatically be removed.
 Thiruvalluvar has created a chapter “Association with Great People” in his Book II Porutpal, which speaks about administrative capabilities. The chapter gives the concept that the leader who is in charge of the administration of a country should have the association of great people who will wean him away from bad vices and guide him in the path of virtue.  
 Valluvar separates the problems faced by a leader into two aspects namely, the sufferings brought by man and those brought by God. Commentator Parimelazhagar explains clearly the details about such problems and the methods to eradicate them.  I shall give his concept in his own words:
  “Suffering caused by the deity is the absence and excesses of rains, and also by air, fire and disease.  These shall be removed by pacifying of God and the concerned persons.
Suffering caused by the people is through the enemies, the robbers, the learned and those doing black magic. They can be eliminated by resorting to the best of the Four Ways of discussion, offering, division and punishment.”
  After saying the above, Parimelazhagar tells that the priests who can sense the ill omens and have the capacity to ward off the misery caused by Gods  and the powerful ministers who can eradicate the miseries through people(like the enemies) are the great people who should be maintained by the leader.
In today's state administrations, there is a system of maintaining ministers.  There is no system of protecting the priests.  That is why we are in a state of despair by becoming victims of natural disasters, without knowing the warnings of ill omens sent by nature.  
 As said before, if we had known that the recent natural calamities were a warning given by nature, we need not have suffered this much due continual deaths and lockdown.  
Summing up the fact that, the above mentioned natural calamities repeatedly attacked mostly the superpowers of the world, and that mass destruction is happening in those countries due to the Corona virus, it can be surmised that this is a reaction of nature on those superpowers which wanted to change the nature of the world with their strength.
The superpowers have received the prize for their crime. The other countries have received the prize for being accomplices to the superpowers in witnessing the crime. 

(To be continued)
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